Why do more than 1,000,000 people use Stormboard?

Stormboard was intentionally designed to solve bigger meeting problems than a basic digital whiteboard can handle.
It takes a digital whiteboard and combines it with smart templates, powerful reporting tools, and one-of-a-kind integrations to help turn your amazing ideas into action.
Book a demo to explore our key features like smart templates, instant reports, task management, bi-directional agile integrations, and more!

Learn what makes Stormboard different!

“Our company was looking for a tool that was able to collaborate and organize our team's ideas and concepts digitally. When we found Stormboard we knew it was the perfect tool for our marketing firm. It has made brainstorming efficient and green. The Stormboard team has been extremely helpful and very open to suggestions. We highly recommend Stormboard.”

Culinary Marketing Coordinator

What makes Stormboard different?

Stormboard is an easy-to-use collaborative digital workspace with smart templates, real-time integrations,
task management, instant professional-looking reports, and the ability to collaborate on sticky notes, whiteboards, files, images, and videos.
Find out why million's of companies are choosing Stormboard over Mural or Miro.
Feature Chart – Competition Stormboard  Miro Mural
Smart Templates

Smart Templates

Choose from 200+ smart templates for common business processes that can all be edited and customized to suit your needs, unlike Conceptboard, Miro, or Mural virtual whiteboards.
Dynamic Reports

Dynamic Reports

Instantly produce brandable and editable stakeholder-ready documents in 12 different formats including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and Google Doc, Sheets, and Slides.
Bi-Directional Sync With Agile Tools

Bi-Directional Sync With Agile Tools

No manual transcription necessary! All of your work is synced between Stormboard and your Agile tool (Jira, Azure DevOps, Rally).
Single Tenant

Single Tenant

Host your own Stormboard servers in Canada, USA, Ireland, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Singapore, Australia, or India.
Everything in one place

Everything in One Place

ideas can be added as text, videos, files, drawings, images, and more, making it easy to get work done, and make decisions.
Ease of use

Ease of Use

Stormboard takes one minute to learn and five minutes to master — everyone on your team will be able to collaborate effectively.

High-performing teams that use
Stormboard include

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1 million users in 181+ countries use Stormboard.

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Stormboard was designed to solve bigger problems than the average digital whiteboard can handle. Let us walk you through our key features like smart templates, instant reports, task management, bi-directional agile integrations, and more! 

Learn what makes Stormboard different!